MOB WIVES EXCLUSIVE: Renee Graziano Adopts Rescue Dog And RETURNS IT!


Sorry this is late guys, but we needed to fact check from ALL possible sources before we came at someone without knowing the complete story.

Several days ago we spoke to a source who told us Renee Graziano had been promoting people to adopt and rescue dogs from New York Bully Crew.

Renee had even showed off the fact that she had just rescued her own dog a couple of weeks ago. Our source reached out to us saying that Renee had then returned the dog and had only adopted it to try and look good.


We reached out to the owner of NYBC and he had the following statement:

“She (Renee) returned the puppy cause she just got a job that requires her to be in LA a lot. She wanted to hire a dog sitter, but we didn’t feel that was best. Addy (the dog Renee adopted) the pup was actually adopted by her friend and Renee paid the adoption fee. So all well that ends well.”

Our sources have told us that Renee is in talks to get a spin-off so maybe that can be it?

I personally think there is NO JOB that ANY of the women have had that requires them to be in LA a lot. None of Renee’s businesses are doing well and Mob Wives is done airing, so I’m not sure what work she’s referring to. I really think the dog was too much work for Renee so she wanted to get rid of it without looking like a jackass. Glad the dog is in a new home.

What are your thoughts on this?

5 thoughts on “MOB WIVES EXCLUSIVE: Renee Graziano Adopts Rescue Dog And RETURNS IT!”

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  2. Too bad Rene isn’t the person she tries to pretend she is. That Rene could be nice,fun and a true friend. Instead it seems the real Rene is jealous,vindictive, delusional addict with serious denial issues and fantasies she’s still that mafia princess living in the past. So sad.
    I’m still curious about that story Rene tried to get started about NG’ “meth overdose”. You know, the lone 3 am tweet Rene put out supposedly to be a friend. Why aren’t there any other sources or confirms on that? Is that because Rene made it up?
    Just wondering……

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