Mob Wives EXCLUSIVE: PROOF Karen Gravano ADMITS Storm Cheats On Her; Plus Texts From Storm!

karen and storm

You know what they say about people who live in glass houses…they always throw the BIGGEST stones at others! Karen Gravano has made it her life mission to try and convince the world to hate Natalie Guercio, but could it be that she’s doing it all to deflect from her own personal life?

Reality Ashhole has EXCLUSIVELY obtained text messages that Karen wrote to one of Storm’s girlfriends and they are NOT pretty! In the messages Karen admits to knowing of Storm cheating on her with MULTIPLE women, plus she also takes time be her usual junior high self and make fun of the woman for having an abortion.

Check out the messages and notice how Karen says the same thing in her text message as she does in her Instagram post



Oh but it doesn’t stop there. Take a look at STORM’s messages to his other girlfriend


SHAME ON KAREN. She has the nerve to try and get sympathy from viewers by using her daughter as a way to get people to hate Natalie, meanwhile she’s over here with a dirtbag cheater who sells drugs! And to make fun of another woman about something so personal. But why am I surprised. She shows no remorse when she talks about the people her father murdered so it’s clear how heartless she is.

Maybe Karen should spend less time worrying about Natalie and more time showing her daughter a better example. But they do say you are what you attract so that could easily be why Storm’s her “love.”

What do you think of Karen’s text messages?

13 thoughts on “Mob Wives EXCLUSIVE: PROOF Karen Gravano ADMITS Storm Cheats On Her; Plus Texts From Storm!”

  1. storm must make a lot of money or there isn’t a lot of American American guys in new York. im black but in a different state. cause I don’t know why Karen chose him. both of those women look like they can do better. im not saying he is ugly but he doesn’t seem to care. like his women are disposable.

  2. How can you come on here and admit you’re a s##g? Does it make you feel big that you’re having sex with another girls guy? That is NASTY!!!!

  3. Why do you lower yourself for a guy who could careless about You Karen Coming from a woman who lived a similar life Storm is not someone you’d want your daughter with…

  4. If you’re man’s stickin his junk in another woman and u no that he’s doing that to u then u have no self respect 4 ur self. Me I no I’m hot could have any man I wanted and if my man messed around on me and had proof like that I’d kick him 2 the curb cause I no I deserve better. And u never spend money on a man he’s supposed 2 B spending his money on U

  5. If karen knew how to treat her man he wouldn’t be coming over to CI to be with me. He’s had a little bit of Love, and keeps coming back for more

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