MOB WIVES EXCLUSIVE: Karen Gravano And Renee Graziano Are Trying To Get Natalie Guercio FIRED!


Thing are getting ugly with the ladies of Mob Wives and the new season hasn’t even aired yet! A few days ago, Reality Ashhole EXCLUSIVELY revealed that Natalie Guercio called out Karen Gravano for lying about getting cast members fired!

Now, a source close to production EXCLUSIVELY is telling Reality Ashhole that Karen HATES that Natalie is on the show, and she and Renee Graziano are trying to get Natalie FIRED!

Our source revealed

“Renee (Graziano) has been wanting Natalie off the show. Ever since Natalie stood up to her and didn’t back down last season Renee has been doing everything she can to get her off. Renee is so scared of Natalie that she even REFUSES to film with her and is trying to get the other ladies on board to hate Natalie.”


That’s not all, Renee is taking it a step further by trying to find people in Philly who HATE Natalie and are willing to PHYSICALLY FIGHT her!

“Renee is making up lies and is trying to find someone to pay from Natalie’s hometown to beat her up. She’s desperate and is even willing to pay people Natalie has never even met to come film and makeup lies about Natalie and hurt her.”

The reason Renee and Karen hate Natalie so much is because Natalie is the one making the show. Producer/sister of Renee, Jenn Graziano is also helping setup this ENTIRE plot to help her clients (Renee and Karen).

Our source says,

“There is a bigger story happening that is not even being filmed. Natalie stole the show last year and the way this year is going, she’s stealing the show again. Certain people on the show and behind the scenes are trying to hide the real story in fear that Natalie will take the spotlight.”

This sadly doesn’t surprise me AT ALL! Jenn and Renee are notorious for setting people up, just like they did with Drita when she got jumped by Ramona and Karen. It’s clear Karen and Renee are going after Natalie because she’s the newest and they think they can scare her. VH1 needs to take the trash out and it needs to start with the producer. Do these idiots not realize what kind of lawsuit they would have on their hands if Natalie got hurt? Nobody wants to see these old washed up women fighting anymore. That was so five seasons ago. Thoughts?

7 thoughts on “MOB WIVES EXCLUSIVE: Karen Gravano And Renee Graziano Are Trying To Get Natalie Guercio FIRED!”

  1. I agree! These women should be building each other up and not tearing each other down. Grazianos and Gravano are petty, jealous women. No place for them on the show anymore. VH1 should take a good look at this show and start cleaning house! Wouldnt it make a great show without Renee and Karen? They should get rid of Mobwives (to eliminate the Grazianos. then put together a show with Alicia, Natalie, Drita, and Big Ang. Like Staten Island Housewives!

  2. i like nat! She’s great for the show. Renee hates when somebody takes her spotlight for even a second (romana, love, ect.) she’s just an ugly human being and I feel bad for whoever is forced to work with her just because her sister produces the show.

  3. Natalie is an outsider-she isn’t loyal to anyone but Natalie. She wants to walk in and feels entitled to the lime light and loyalty-who is she? Even her man doesn’t agree with her-she’s got to go!

  4. Doesn’t anyone not find it a coincidence that Drita was talking about seeing the movie, Scar Face and Natalie’s fiance, London was attacked directly in the face leaving a scar?
    It’s my understanding Natalie and London met this attacker months before through friends. I don’t know but what if Karen did find someone?
    I feel for Natalie. She’s a young, independent woman and single Mother being physically attacked and verbally attacked by four old women in their upper forties and fifties. These women are disgusting and have no shame attacking and beating on a young mother who is young enough to be their daughter. These women are beating on young woman. They are disgusting and a disgrace to Italians. At my age, Natalie looks like she could be my daughter. I see my daughter in Natalie. Karen and Renee are pieces of trash are lucky that Natalie is not my daughter. Karen and Renee Are Lucky That’s Not My Daughter They Are Beating On!
    Those women should be ashamed of themselves.

  5. P.S.
    I was impressed with Natalie when they showed her working at her family business.
    She is very different when she is working. She’s smart, respectful, takes her responsibilities serious and she’s very professional, and business savvy. I would be very proud of her if she was my daughter. She’s an independent woman, a single Mother and I respect her for always putting her son’s needs first.
    As a women in my forties who is most likely the age of Natalie’s Mother, I have no doubt, Natalie’s Mother is very proud of her daughter as she should be.
    Now i need to scold Natalie. She is not stupid so I do hope she stops cursing so much. The profanity is something Natalie needs to work on because she is clearly too intelligent to be cursing as much as she does. Also, Natalie needs to take the higher road and ignore the tweets, especially from Karen, on Twitter. She needs to stop responding to these old children…. namely Karen.
    Shame on Karen and Renee. These women are forty and fifty something years old hitting on a kid. Natalie is not a kid but compared to my age as I see her, she looks like a kid. I don’t mean that to disrespect her. But to see these women attack Natalie, I see old women beating up on a child. This is disgusting. Natalie has enough to think about in her life at such a young age. She has to raise a Son on her own. She’s independent and working to put food, clothes and shelter over her Son and these two Older Women are beating on her.
    Shame On Them!

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