Mob Wives EXCLUSIVE: Find Out What “Big Elephant” Producers Edited Out At The Reunion!


Oh that Jenn Graziano! She thinks she’s so sneaky when it comes to editing out her dirty laundry. Too bad for her, you can find it all on our site LOL

Part 2 of the Mob Wives Reunion aired last week, and during the episode there was an interesting scene when Carla Facciolo came out and the ladies discussed a “big elephant” —

Only the big elephant was never revealed and the scene made absolutely no sense. No worries.

Our Mob Wives source filled us in on what went down and you can read what they told us EXCLUSIVELY below

“The ladies tried to bring up how they were fired for season 4, except they were trying to make up a lie about how it happened.”

The REAL story

“Karen, Carla, and Ramona tried to do what Drita did to get a raise which is basically say they are not coming back unless they get paid more money. Drita got the raise and the rest of the girls were fired.”

“The girls had also fired Jenn Graziano as their manager. Jenn was managing the whole cast — paying her friends to make her rich then taking 15 percent back in her pocket. They fired her so she fired them.”

The girls even publicly admitted that Jenn was the reason they were fired, but now that they are all on good terms they are trying to pin it all Drita and blame her for why they lost their job

“Jenn tried to make them believe Drita had them fired because she was scared they were going to expose her and her scams.”

If you remember on part 2 of the reunion, Drita is seen looking out at production saying, “Are we talking about this?”

Obviously Jenn couldn’t air that footage because then she would be FALSELY accusing Drita of something she did not do and would be sued for that. That should show the girls that Drita isn’t the one who got them fired and Jenn is lying to them.

2 thoughts on “Mob Wives EXCLUSIVE: Find Out What “Big Elephant” Producers Edited Out At The Reunion!”

  1. So is Jenn Carla’s and Karen’s rep again? Is that why they were back on the show this season? Is that the real reason Carla made up with Renee so quickly?

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