Melissa Gorga Says She Doesn’t Understand Why People “Spew Information With The Intent To Hurt!”


Melissa Gorga has started her fair share of drama on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but the drama with Amber and Jim Marchese, is something she is very confused by.

Taking to her blog, Melissa writes she just doesn’t understand why people spew information with the intent to hurt others! Check it OUT!

Hi everyone!

I think my facial expressions say it all in this episode. Wow, wow, wow! I sometimes just can’t understand why certain things come out of people’s mouths! Yes, Jim went there! I was hoping to have Jim and Amber come in and really get along with the group and just have a great time. I honestly think Amber thought that she was going to just wipe the slate clean and try to start over with the twins as well. Jim and Amber were definitely on two different pages that night. I’ve always been one to argue my point and speak up when someone has something to say to me that I don’t agree with. But I can never really understand why people just randomly spew information with the intent to hurt. To just sit there and instigate and then continue to ramble on with words that can hurt a family is just wrong.

On a positive note, I loved seeing the family scenes in this episode. That’s what life is about! Sitting together, eating good food, and discussing what’s important, issues they may be having, feelings. Having a supportive family is like no other comfort in the world!

I will say Jacqueline and Teresa probably still have a long way to go. But I do believe in forgiveness and moving on. I really hope they can both find it in their hearts to be forgiving and try to restart the friendship that they once had.

Well, the craziness continues next week so tune in to see how this Florida trip ends.

I think it’s funny that Melissa has this to say about Amber and Jim considering to hurt is the EXACT reason her and Joe came on the show. Oh, and to get famous. Thoughts on what Melissa had to say?

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