Melissa Gorga Calls BS On Reports About Her And Joe Gorga Being Broke!

melissa gorga and joe

It seems now that Teresa Giudice is serving time for her infamous money trouble — Melissa Gorga is the new target of “housewife going broke” rumors!

It is being speculated that Joe and Melissa Gorga owe money to everyone and they can no longer afford to finish building their home in Franklin Lakes. When a fan reached out to Melissa on Twitter about a recent article, Melissa had the following to say


Thoughts on what Melissa had to say? Do you believe any of these rumors?

One thought on “Melissa Gorga Calls BS On Reports About Her And Joe Gorga Being Broke!”

  1. It’s hard for me to believe anything Melissa Gorga says. The girl lied in her own book! To lie so much that you forget your own lies proves to me that person is nothng but a pathological liar! I don’t care if the Gorga’s are going broke. For her kids and the elder Gorga’s sake, I hope the couple can support their family. Comfortably, not luxuriously, there is a big difference!

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