Manzo’d With Children Brings In The Ratings!


It looks like Bravo did something right, because Caroline Manzo’s spinoff Manzo’d With Children debuted on Sunday night to BIG numbers! 

The network combined the new series with Real Housewives of New Jersey on Sunday night, tricking DVRs to record the show, and it looks like it worked. Albie Manzo posted on Instagram yesterday that Manzo’d With Children debuted to 1.2 MILLION viewers!


Bravo had the same strategy when airing the first season of Vanderpump Rules which proved to be successful as they prepare to air their third season.  Now the real test will be to see how the show does without Real Housewives of New Jersey’s coattails.

Did you watch Manzo’d With Children?  What did you think?

One thought on “Manzo’d With Children Brings In The Ratings!”

  1. Im so happy to see her have her own show, shes always been the reasonable. Peacemaker!! For awhile I felt as if she was to hard on Teresa but got to admit, theres alot of things (Teresas, hush hush about. Things) so maybe its best to alittle out so we the fans can be prepared!! No surprises. With this Lady, she nips things in the bud when problems come to any of children and also her!! Well Ill be watching and still hope to see her on the original. show she started on with Teresa because Lord knows shell need you!! One thing, I cant see Teresa s sister in law taking care of Teresas kids sheesh, no way lol!! I say goodluck Manzos!!

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