Manzo’d With Children APPROVED For Season 2!


It looks like the Manzo family will be back on Bravo for round 2!Radar Online is reporting that Bravo was more than just a little happy with the results of Caroline Manzo’s spinoff Manzo’d With Children and gave the greenlight for season 2!

Their sources said,

Manzo’d With Children was renewed by the network recently.  Bravo is planning to begin filming either this month or next.  Ratings were really good.  Bravo was expecting around 500,000 viewers, but ended up getting over 1,000,000 in one episode!  Bravo will be bringing the show back. A production team has begun to seek out advertisers to pay for the series.

While I found the show to be completely boring, with Lauren’s wedding coming up I can’t say I’m surprised Bravo wants another season – especially since things with Dina have been patched up.  Hopefully Lauren’s miserable and negative attitude doesn’t ruin what should be a loving, beautiful day.  Good luck Vito.

Will you be tuning in?

One thought on “Manzo’d With Children APPROVED For Season 2!”

  1. The most annoying family on TV.. with the weirdest, most unhealthy family dynamic in the history of the universe. Let’s live at home until we are 35 and not hang out with anyone our own age, just our Mother (who is jealous of any girl we date).

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