Maddie Ziegler Shines At New York Fashion Week For Elle Magazine!


Maddie Ziegler is proving to be more than just a dancer at the Abby Lee Dance Company! Besides being famous for her performance in Sia’s music videos, and appearing on hit shows like SNL and Ellen, Maddie is bursting into the fashion world!

The Dance Moms star is working with Elle Magazine at New York Fashion Week and our incredible Dance Moms source Dance Moms Reactions gave us the EXCLUSIVE photos of Maddie in action! Check em’ out!


Maddie looks gorgeous! I can totally see her doing some more modeling in the future.

2 thoughts on “Maddie Ziegler Shines At New York Fashion Week For Elle Magazine!”

  1. I just would like to say that maddie gets whatever she wants all the time I’m glad that she is taking that offer for Brodway I think she needs to find a new path and not always be doing the same thing over and over again on Dance Moms I mean for heavens sake your on a reality tv show so put some REALITY into your brain and be yourself and not controlled by everyone all the time please Mad make your own decisions in life .

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