Lisa Vanderpump Reveals She Will Be DEPOSED In Joanna Krupa’s Lawsuit Against Brandi Glanville


Brandi Glanville better stop with her Twitter rants because things are only getting WORSE for her.

After releasing several tweets slamming co-star Kyle Richards for threatening a lawsuit, Lisa Vanderpump has revealed that she WILL be deposed for another lawsuit involving Brandi.

Lisa took to her Twitter account to reveal that she did not send Brandi a cease and desist for her nasty tweets, but probably should have two years ago.

Lisa says,

“No c&d from me, that would’ve been two years ago when I first needed that. However I will be deposed in the Krupa case I just discovered.”

Brandi should really stop fighting with people who have more money than her cause she’s going to go broke REAL fast.

What do you guys think?

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