LeAnn Rimes Says Good Things Have Come Out Of The Bad Choices She Made!


It’s a day that ends in ‘Y’ so naturally LeAnn Rimes is STILL discussing her infidelities with Eddie Cibrian.

In case you forgot (how could you?) a quick recap!  LeAnn was married to Dean Sheramet and Eddie was married to Brandi Glanville when the two started up an affair while on set of a Lifetime movie back in 2009.  Fast forward to 2014 and LeAnn is STILL talking about it, stating that good things have come from her bad choices.

After posting an article on Twitter about celebrities who cheat but still have their work properly recognized, LeAnn responded to a fan who questioned her affair and how it may have benefited her artistically.

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Given her reality show LeAnn and Eddie tanked along with her album Spitfire, I’m assuming her bringing up the affair is a way to stay relevant which is sad, because she is an amazing singer.  Thoughts?

One thought on “LeAnn Rimes Says Good Things Have Come Out Of The Bad Choices She Made!”

  1. I firmly believe Leann Rimes leaked the video years ago of her and Eddie kissing at the restaurant because Eddie was going to stay with his beautiful wife Brandi. Brandi and Eddie were in the Caribbean when the video leaked. I believe Leann is emotionally underdeveloped and has a poor educational background which leads to her poor life choices. Bluntly, she is a self centered idiot. Literally. She wanted to “win” the hot guy SO bad and prove she is as worthy as his model wife that she destroyed the home of two little boys.

    What she doesn’t see is it was her money that made her appealing to Eddie. Leann, guys like Eddie are not wih you because of your looks because honey your face ain’t pretty. He’s with you for your money.

    Today her career is in the toilet. The public thinks she’s is a stupid and annoying homewrecking whore. She has ZERO tack. The failed tv show was her nail in the coffin for both their careers. She is unlikable and well for Eddie…it showed his true colors. It is painfully obvious he knows he made a bad choice marrying LeAnn and clearly still loves his ex wife who is now WAY more successful than him. Angry Eddie.

    Eddie will leave LeAnn eventually. He is and has been cheating. She knows it. We all know it. He probably could revive his career if he does. Leann needs to go back to Nashville and focus on something else besides Hollywood and how it just doesn’t want her there.

    Leann, you’ll never be Brandi and you’ll never fully ever have Eddie. No one wants you there. Go home LeAnn. Go home.

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