LeAnn Rimes Is FIRING BACK At Her Former Housekeeper’s Claims!

Earlier this week we reported that LeAnn Rimes and her husband Eddie Cibrian, were being accused by their former housekeeper of creating a hostile work environment and allowing other staff members to verbally assault her. LeAnn and Eddie are firing back saying that it is all BS!

LeAnn and Eddie tell TMZ that their former maid, Gloria Cevallos, made this ridiculous story of abuse up just so she can get some quick cash!

Gloria tried filing a worker’s comp claim, but it was thrown out. So now she has filed a lawsuit.

Sources close to Eddie and LeAnn (them) say that the couple was always so nice to Gloria and in her lawsuit, Gloria never accuses them of mistreatment.

Eddie and LeAnn say they will fight her to the end.


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