Leann Rimes And Brandi Glanville Are At It Again!


Can someone please get these two a cell phone? Or maybe an email address?  A walkie-talkie? Something, ANYTHING, that is not social media for them to call each other out on?!

Leann posted on Instagram the other day a photo of her, Jake and Eddie playing in a tent on their trampoline.  The original caption (which has since been edited) stated,

“Tent tumbling @tentsile got these boys making me laugh and keeping the sadness at bay #sickmom #family our 4th member is 11 going on 16 and antisocial today lol #lovethemallsomuch”


The post had Brandi reaching for Twitter to correct Leann that no her son is 12, not 11 (his birthday was in June), and he is anything but antisocial.

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Ugh.  Is anyone else as tired about this shit as I am?  Seriously.  If these women generally cared about the kid’s feelings at all they would keep this kind off stuff OFF social media.  He’s 12.  If he isn’t on Twitter and Instagram, I’m sure his friends are.  I totally get Brandi wanting to stand up for her kid but send a text, an email or pick up the damn phone.

Am I alone in this?  Thoughts?

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