Kylie Jenner’s 25 Year Old Boyfriend Tyga TATTOO’S Her Name On His Body!

kylie and tyga

Somebody please arrest this nasty man.

Not only was rapper Tyga busted by his baby mama for STILL sending her romantic text messages while he’s trying to be a Kardashian, but now Tyga has been photographed with a “Kylie” tattoo.

Yep! This 25 year old man has tattooed his 17 year old girlfriend’s name on his body. Idiot.

See the photo of the tattoo below


Kylie needs to leave this man alone. Not only is he a cheating dirtbag, but clearly he’s a psycho tattooing her name meanwhile he’s trying to get back together with Blac Chyna!

What do you guys think of Tyga’s tattoo?

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