Kyle Richards Tells Brandi Glanville To STOP LYING!

kyle richards and brandi

Poor Kyle! Not only does she have to deal with the stress of her sister on reality TV, but on top of that she has to deal with annoying Brandi Glanville meddling in their business!

After Tuesday night’s explosive RHOBH episode aired, Brandi took to her Twitter to say how Kyle basically put her in the hospital (Brandi dramatization) when all Kyle is guilty of is having a spiky bracelet! Check out the two going at it below


If anything, I think BRANDI is the one using Kim as a way to get sympathy from viewers. She doesn’t know Kim or Kyle. They are simply co-workers. Brandi should spend more time not mixing meds and booze and worry about not moving every six months! Whose side are you on?

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