Kyle Richards Has NO Clue What Brandi Glanville Is Talking About!


Do any of us really?  In her Bravo blog this week, Brandi Glanville threw some accusations at each of the ladies, some of which left us scratching our heads.In her blog, Brandi spoke directly to Kyle saying,

Kyle, Kim never mentioned you not being welcome at Brooke’s wedding; she also didn’t mention what you did at Brooke’s first wedding that was unspeakable… Kim protected you and didn’t speak of it, so I won’t go into details now, but we all know it was unforgiveable. You look unhinged. Throwing your crazy around where it doesnt fit in, plus your weird, fake out-of-place “wah hhhh” crying. Enough said.

Brandi’s claim had us wondering what kind of crazy Kyle would have brought to her niece’s wedding, and it turns out Kyle is just as confused as we are!

Kyle spoke to us at Reality Ashhole stating,

I don’t even know what to say.  She wasn’t even at the wedding.  It was a beautiful day all around.  They showed some of it on the show.

Kyle has also taken to Twitter to address the rumors – check it out:

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I just don’t think I could see Kyle throwing any sort of fit or bringing the crazy to Brooke’s wedding.  What I can see is Brandi exaggerating or lying about a situation to have something to say…that or she heard it from Kim and we all know how her memory works.

What do YOU think Kyle did?

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