Kris Jenner May Have Cut Brody And Brandon From KUWTK Special!


The Keeping Up With The Kardashians About Bruce special aired this week and for the first time viewers felt like they were watching something raw and real from the family.The special showed the family responding to Bruce’s news that he was transitioning and how it affected (almost) the entire family.  Rob was not feature, as he hasn’t been all season for his own purposes, but neither were Brody and Brandon Jenner.

NY Daily News is reporting that the boys wanted to appear to support their dad, but producer Kris Jenner blocked them from filming.

A source spoke out saying,

Days were blocked out for them to film and she pulled the plug.  She didn’t want them on the show. It was a huge deal.  Kris runs the show. She wants it to be about her family and not the other kids

Kris’ relationship with the boys has always been rocky, which has been a storyline for the show in the past.  Do you think Kris would intentionally leave out the Jenner boys?

One thought on “Kris Jenner May Have Cut Brody And Brandon From KUWTK Special!”

  1. Of course she did. She blocked Bruce out of there lives when they were just young boys. Is always about her & her kids, she so greedy not just with money but with time too. Bruce might of been the best step father but she was the worst stepson to those boys, but I blame Bruce with this and with what happen years ago too. Should of stood up to her for his kids sake. They grew up thinking he didn’t care about them only her kids. I would say grow some balls but he has them just doesn’t know what to do with them.

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