Kordell Stewart Responds To Porsha Williams Saying He Cheated On Her During Their Marriage!

porsha and kordell

Last night on Part 1 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion, Porsha Williams shocked the ladies and Andy Cohen when she revealed her ex-husband Kordell Stewart had cheated on her during their marriage.

Porsha stated that she found out about the cheating after they were divorced and judging by some of the ladies’ faces, it didn’t look like they believed her.

One person who sure doesn’t buy her crap is Kordell himself! When it was mentioned on Twitter, Kordell agreed with a few tweeters that this is just another thing to stay relevant.

See what Kordell said below


Porsha and Kordell were only married a little over a year and they seemed really happy before she was on RHOA, so I’m not sure I totally believe he cheated. Maybe the person who told her was lying? Who knows.

Who do you believe? Porsha or Kordell? Let us know!

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