Kim Zolciak Shouts Out Her Haters!

kim z

Can she live? It seems like Kim Zolciak can never post anything on her Instagram without people going nuts in her comment section! It’s okay though. Kim had this to say when the haters were attacking her pink puckered lips!


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One thought on “Kim Zolciak Shouts Out Her Haters!”

  1. Kim is always looking for social media or any1’s approval & guess what it’s not going to happen. Instead of reading her iG she shld have some1 delete the haters comments, or not read them @ all. Problem is kim needs every1’s approval, or she let’s it ruin her day. Boy that must be one miserable household if u ask me. When I am having a bad day & I know my credit card bills r coming, I just don’t get my mail 4 a day or 2, this way I am not miserable nor do I make those around me miserable. A lot of ppl in her family are watching her for an example & the problem is they don’t know a good one from a bad one. Truth#

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