Kim Richards May Have Been A Drunk Mess At Brooke’s Wedding


Welp, looks like not much has changed! ┬áKim Richard’s daughter Brooke had her dream wedding in Cabo last weekend and Kim Richards was given a pass from rehab to attend!

Kim was required to have a sober coach with her at all times and report to rehab on Monday, but it looks like things didn’t go as planned.

TMZ is reporting that not only did Kim not return to rehab, but she was such a mess her sober coach QUIT and Brooke has vowed to never speak to her mother again.

It is unclear what Kim drank or took, but sources are reporting that following the wedding Kim said some nasty things to Brooke and her husband Thayer as well as his family.

TMZ is also saying Kim is still in Cabo and isn’t talking to anyone.

Kim won’t have success with her sobriety until she wants the help and accepts it, until then she is just a ticking time bomb that pushes her family and friends away.

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