Kim Richards Is Planning To Leave Rehab Early!


After a drama-filled month of being arrested and on Dr. Phil, Kim Richards checked herself into rehab….but is she serious about it this time?It looks like Kim has decided to check out early from her treatment to attend her daughter Brooke’s extravagant international wedding.  She plans on returning to treatment after the wedding.

Before [Kim Richards] agreed to check in to rehab in Malibu, she made an agreement with the facility that she would be allowed to leave to attend Brooke’s wedding.

With open bars and champagne toasts, a wedding could be a dangerous place for Kim, but she won’t be going alone.

A staffer from the facility will act as [Kim Richards]’s chaperone, to make sure Kim doesn’t drink or take any other substances. Dr. Phil will be paying the bill for the staffer to go with Kim.

Do you think Kim attending the wedding is a good idea?  Do you think she will go back to rehab?

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