Kim Richards’ Family Considers A 5150 Hold


Well this is sad.  For months now Kim Richards has been going off the rails.  She has been arrested twice, went to rehab, refused to go back to rehab, completed rehab, allegedly had a fight at her daughter’s wedding, went on Dr. Phil, and might be homeless.

With all of the drama going on it looks like her family is considering going to the next level and thinks a 5150 hold will help.

You’ll remember that Britney Spears has held on a 5150 hold back in her pink wigs and shaved head days, but now is doing great!

The family has yet to speak out publicly about Kim’s recent shoplifting arrest at Target, however sister Kathy Hilton did come to her sister’s defense after Dr. Drew publicly discussed Kim’s situation,


Kyle has stayed quiet for the most part, however, she did Instagram a quote reminding followers you don’t always know the whole story.

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So what do you think?  Should the family move forward with the 5150 hold or will it not help?

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