Kim Richards’ Ex Blames Kyle For Her Relapse!

Kim Richards, Paris Hilton, Kathy Hilton & Kyle Richards at The World According to Paris Party in Hollywood

Do you remember Kim’s boyfriend Ken from the second season of RHOBH?  Quiet, enabler who joined the cast in Hawaii?  Well he is back and pointing fingers!Following his ex-girlfriend’s very public arrest earlier this week, Ken spoke to Radar and made it clear he thinks Kyle is to blame!

According to Ken,

I think her family is a huge portion of all her problems.  It’s overwhelming and horrific to be around—the out of control criticism.

The things they did to me… they are the kind of people it’s judgment of every little single thing.  It’s the worst possible scenario [for Kim].

I [hope] she moves forward, but I doubt it with all the problems with her family that are imposed on her.

Ken has since moved on and is currently engaged but he does hope the best for Kim,

I wish her well and hope she’s happy and healthy and moving forward in a positive way.  But I’m not in a position to help with that travel forward because I’ve moved on with my life.

Kim is an addict.  SHE made the decision to drink and only her, the pressures in her life – as difficult as they may be – are not an excuse.  She doesn’t want help and is in denial about needing it.  Ken was with her at a very public, terrible time for her, the pair broke up before she entered rehab.

What do you think?

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