Kim Richards Admits She LIED At The Reunion About Being Sober; Plus Owns Up To Pills And Pot!


Yesterday, the intense exclusive interview with Kim Richards and Dr. Phil aired and A LOT was revealed!

Mainly, viewers were finally able to hear from Kim that she had been lying about being sober this season, and was also lying when she announced at the reunion that she isn’t struggling with her sobriety.

Dr. Phil played back many scenes of Kim from this season including the infamous “I am sober” reunion scene.

Read below to see what Kim told Dr. Phil about her drinking

Kim says,

“I was ashamed to say anything at the reunion. Embarrassed. I would have love to said to the girls at the reunion, ‘Like you’re right.’ But the way they were coming at me didn’t make it very easy for me to, to tell them, like ‘You’re right. I screwed up.'”

Kim also admitted that before she took a drink at her daughter Brooke’s house, she had also relapsed with wine on a couple of occasions.

Dr. Phil offered to help Kim by setting her up in a dual diagnosis program that was down the street from where the interview was being held, but of course, Kim made up a ton of excuses about why she couldn’t go and left the interview saying she had anxiety.

Kim still had her mic on when she stormed out of the interview and she was recorded saying, “fuck him” about Dr. Phil and she even owned up to pills and pot once her son outed her.

Kim went back and forth after the interview about accepting help from Dr. Phil and she later decided to seek treatment elsewhere.

I felt horrible for Kim’s children, but I really think since they are all adults now they need to put their foot down with her and give her an ultimatum. I was really shocked to see how demanding Kim was and how much of a diva she really is.

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