Kim Kardashian Says Her And Kanye West Are OBSESSED With Each Other!

kim k and kanye

Every day it seems there is a new rumor about Kim Kardashian and the reality star’s family.

While Kim usually ignores them, she made sure to clear up some of the confusion before the new year. Kim took to her Twitter account — Read below

@KimKardashian: lets clear up some rumors before the new year….I’m bored looking online and seriously don’t know where they come up with this stuff!

@KimKardashian: No I’m not pregnant.

@KimKardashian: Kanye & I are not having marriage problems. Were literally obsessed with each other!

@KimKardashian: Scott did NOT buy a bachelor pad in Bev Hills. He is starting a new business venture buying homes & renovating them to re-sell.

Kim lastly tweeted

@KimKardashian: thats all i can think of for now xo

Well that clears that up! Thoughts on what Kim had to say? Do you believe her?

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