Kim Kardashian Dishes On Former BFF Paris Hilton And Brother Rob Kardashian!


Kim Kardashian is gracing the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine and she has a lot to say!

Kim dished on everything from rarely wearing underwear, to the falling out of her friendship with former BFF Paris Hilton.

Kim also revealed that she thinks her brother Rob Kardashian just smokes weed and plays video games all day!

Kim talks about her love of being commando yet never being caught by the paps like former besties Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hiton,

“I rarely wear underwear, but that never happened to me. I was never drinking. I think that saved me a lot.”


And how did Paris Hilton react about Kim’s infamous sex tape that put her on the map? Kim says,

“No I don’t think she was that happy. We didn’t really talk about it. I probably would have thought, ‘Oh, my gosh, let me give her advice,’ but we had no communication. But our friendship had fizzled before that.”

Kim also was very honest about her brother Rob’s disappearance from the spotlight

“It’s not that mysterious what’s happening with Rob. He has gained weight. He feels uncomfortable being on the show, and that’s OK. Do I think he smokes weed, drinks beer, hangs out and plays video games with his friends all day long? Yes.”

I don’t think it’s “OK” with what’s going on with Rob, and I think Kim is too self absorbed to REALLY help him.

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