Kenya Moore Has Decided To Forgive Apollo Nida And Phaedra Parks!


Kenya Moore has been on the bad end of rumors circulated by Apollo and Phaedra, but Kenya has decided to not let the negativity keep her down and forgive them.A source spoke up stating that Kenya has decided to forgive and move on now that Apollo has admitted his wrongdoings, especially since the family has a lot of bigger issues going on.

She’s tired of all the lies and the scorn that Apollo has caused.  Now that Apollo has come clean and told Kenya face-to-face that he lied about her, she instantly forgave him. She no longer harbors any hatred in her heart for him.  He’s in prison for a long time. He’s going to have more than enough time to hate himself for what he did to his wife and children.

While Kenya is happy to forgive, she still wants an apology from Phaedra and the other women!

[Kenya] wants to move on from the shame and torment he’s caused, but wants all the women especially Phaedra, to apologize to her and truly mean it.  To her, that would mean the world. She’s already forgiven Apollo because he’s come clean – now it’s the women’s turn.

What do you think about Kenya forgiving Apollo and Phaedra?  Do you think Phaedra and the ladies should give Kenya an apology?

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