Kathy Wakile Calls Teresa Giudice A LIAR; And Dina Manzo Fires Back!


On Thursday night, Part 2 of Teresa and Joe Giudice’s interview aired and its pissed off one of her castmates/cousin.

Andy asked Teresa if anyone from the cast has reached out to her after the sentencing and she revealed that only Dina Manzo, Jacqueline Laurita, and Amber Marchese have — a noticeably absent Kathy Wakile didn’t like that. She took to her Twitter to call Teresa a LIAR! Check it OUT!


Not too happy that Kathy Wakile was more concerned about a “shout out” on national TV, over her cousin’s well-being, Dina had the following to say


Teresa did say that she has received tons of messages she hasn’t even looked at yet, so Kathy needs to relax. All these girls are really showing their true colors now that Teresa has been sentenced and it’s NOT pretty! Good for Dina for having Teresa’s back in her own “zen,” way.

5 thoughts on “Kathy Wakile Calls Teresa Giudice A LIAR; And Dina Manzo Fires Back!”

  1. This speaks volumes about Kathy and the real Kathy that is nasty and doesn’t support her family she is self absorbed narcissistic ass, trying to get attention for her cook book and let’s face it that cook book and taste testing with Jac’s has made them both fat should be re titled LET ME GIVE YOU A HEART ATTACK!!

  2. Welp, Teresa has always had a problem with Kathy always leaving her out of things & acknowledgements. I guess Kathy has has enough!

  3. I like your website, I hope it does not turn into another tweet blog, there is so many of them. I understand Social Media is a big part of Reality TV, I just hope you guys cover more than tweets and re links from other sites. I do understand you are new and it takes time however. I would like to see personally someone recap RHNJ just with out being bias as much as they can. It is hard to because famewhores like Kathy Wakile and Mego make it hard not to.
    Kathy Wakile along with her sister Rosie and husband Rich are disgusting pigs. Point blank.

    1. Hi, I understand your concern about it being another tweet/link blog, and no that’s not ours will be. But you have to understand that a lot of our readers don’t have twitter (facebook and instagrammers) so we have to keep EVERYBODY updated on what’s happening. We will however be having our own exclusives that we can’t wait to share with you guys, and we will be recapping all housewives shows, plus other reality shows. I hope this answers your question, and I thank you for commenting. Happy Sunday 🙂

  4. Hold on Joe & Theresa supporters, do you not realize that it was your money & tax dollars that they stole to live their undeserved life style? It might be fine with you but it’s not fine with me. I work for everything that I have and I pay my bills and my taxes. You might be supportive of thieves but I for one am not. I just don’t understand your thinking!!!!

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