Joe Giudice Opens Up About Teresa’s Life In Prision

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Since Teresa entered Danbury, we at Reality Ashhole have tried to ignore the he said/she said regarding Teresa’s time there until someone other than a random “source” made the statement.  Now Teresa’s husband Joe has decided to give fans the truth and opened up about the reality star’s time behind bars.Speaking to Extra, Joe revealed that Teresa has made friends, keeps up her appearance, and visits with the girls and her mother every week!

She’s got a little group she hangs out with and does her thing with every day, and who she goes to the gym with and who she hangs out with, and who does her hair and who does her nails… they have their little thing going every day.

We try to make it up there every weekend and we bring her mom up every weekend.

Joe also took the time to give his wife credit for all she does to raise their four daughters, something he took for granted before.

When you have four kids you have to stay strong.  Her being away definitely makes me appreciate her way more, a lot more, and you know everything she did.

Joe also wants people to know that they aren’t criminals or bad people, but they did make mistakes.

We’re not bad people, we’re not you know, these criminals or whatever, I don’t know whatever the hell they make us out to be.

Joe is set to start his 3 year 5 month sentence upon Teresa’s release.

To check out the full interview tune in to Extra tonight.

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