Joe Giudice Accepts Plea Deal In Driver’s License Case; No Additional Jail Time!

It was another long day in court for Joe Giudice yesterday when he was required to make the decision to accept or deny a plea deal in the four year old case against him for using his brother’s driver’s license.

Joe originally rejected the plea deal as a stand to defend his innocence, however by not accepting he would risk facing the maximum sentence of 10 years behind bars.  After a two hour private session with his lawyer Joe changed his mind and accepted the deal, which would include fines and at least two years of a suspended license, however would allow him to serve his 18 month sentence concurrently with his federal 41 month sentence.

Joe is set to appear in court March 20, 2015 for his formal sentencing.  He is expected to lose his license at that time.

Joe attended court solo, without Teresa, and was in a testy mood.  At one point he became so aggravated he snapped at photographers, “If you don’t get out of my face, I’m gonna kick every one of youse in the head.”

Joe is set to report to prison after Teresa’s 15 month sentence beginning January 5.

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