Jim Marchese Tells Teresa Giudice Fans To Pay Back The Victims Or Shut The F**k UP!


He’s baaaaack! New Year and same tell it like it is Jim Marchese! LOL The Real Husband of New Jersey took to his Twitter to give Teresa Giudice fans a message on his thoughts for them supporting convicted felon.

Jim thinks that fans should pay back the victims she stole from if they choose to defend her actions. Check it out below


What are your thoughts? Do you agree with Jim?

7 thoughts on “Jim Marchese Tells Teresa Giudice Fans To Pay Back The Victims Or Shut The F**k UP!”

  1. I did look at his case via the internet. He, knowingly, sold a cancer drug, meant to treat a certain type of cancer, and lied to the physicians who bought the drug by leading them to believe that the drug could be used to treat other illnesses. There was a site called cafe pharm, (I think) where he posted under a topic started around 2007 by his ex-wife. During that time he was being denied the usual whistleblower percentage from the lawsuit the government just won. He asked one anynomous poster, who he thought was an ex-coworker, if the poster had any patients die because they were promoting the drug for uses not backed by rhe FDA! So, Jimbo just opened himself up to allot of criticism by that tweet.

    I do like Teresa’s reality personality on the show. I hate seeing people be attacked by more than one person. I am the type who backs the underdog. When the indictments hit the Giudice’s I was disappointed in them. They messed up big time!!! I do believe they deserve some sort of punishment and Judge Salas (?) agreed and sentenced them accordingly. I hope when released from prison Teresa will start paying off the $13 million she owes. If she doesn’t, then I could understand Jimbo’s rant. I believe in forgiveness and second chances. All I can say is, at least Teresa’s crimes didn’t cause death.

    1. Oh please that money is gone for good and the debts the Giudices accumulated will never be stasified. Teresa is going to feel that now that she’s endured prison she doesn’t have pay those debts. The woman has maintained she did no wrong and to this day it’s not her fault, it’s the lawyer, it’s her brother, it’s other housewives.

  2. Thank you Jim! And don’t forget to tell them to switch places with her too since she needs to be home with her kids so bad! All the people in jail needs to be “HOME WITH THEIR KIDS!” Disagree if you like, but save the sarcasm please!

  3. Lovely Given, I sarcastically disagree with your comment! Sorry, hon, but you seem to have no problem dishing it, so be prepared to take it! Why do you feel special enough to dictate what type of comment people should respond to you with? Some of you Teresa haters, I swaer!!! SMF(sarcastic)H.

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