Jim Marchese Calls Out Dina Manzo For LYING About Project Ladybug!


Since season one of the Real Housewives of New Jersey Dina Manzo has promoted her charity Project Ladybug, and since the beginning she has continued to state that Project Ladybug was an all volunteer charity with minimal.  Despite her claims however Jim Marchese is calling BS!On last night’s finale the group held an event for the charity at a friend to TerESSa and Nicole, Abbey’s home.  Jim did not attend, but that didn’t stop him from speaking out about the event – even saying that the house was NOT donated and questioned how much Project Lady Bug actually give to charity – check it out!

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Dina was quick to fire back, telling Jim that production chose the location and if the house wasn’t donated for use by Project Ladybug she wasn’t involved.  She also defended her charity stating the only people who are paid by the charity is the lawyer and accountant!

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Dina is extremely passionate about Project Ladybug so I can understand why she would feel so defensive about it.  But the real question is – who do you believe?  Dina or Jim?

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  1. I do not know if it is true or not but if it is true then it is very sad to see that Dina Manzo has been paid good dollars and its not just charity. This will refrain people from donations.

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