Jason Hoppy Responds To Bethenny’s “Homeless” Comment!


Well, his lawyer does anyway!  Bethenny spent about half of the entire first episode crying about being the “wealthiest homeless person in NY”, as in actually shed tears, and her ex-husband has something to say about it!Jason feels like Bethenny is using the show to gain sympathy, his lawyer spoke to People Magazine stating,

The recent stories about what is supposedly going on in court, particularly about financial matters, are inaccurate and false, seemingly planted by misguided people who wrongly believe that they are furthering Ms. Frankel’s newly minted effort to cast herself as a victim.

Bethenny herself has responded to the backlash over the comment by saying it was a “pun” and she doesn’t actually think she’s homeless.

By being on the show, I open myself up to scrutiny.  I said I was the wealthiest homeless person. It was a pun. I don’t actually think I’m homeless. I donate a lot of money to Dress For Success and help a lot of women who would be homeless or who were homeless every year with the money that I make from Skinnygirl.

Bethenny is one of those people that say a lot of shit and when it doesn’t stick back pedals.  Like how she said she didn’t even enjoy having a talk show – she didn’t enjoy it because it failed.  I feel like this is the exact same thing.  She got emotional on camera expecting people to feel sorry for her when really all viewers saw was a millionaire crying in the back of a town car with a private driver.

Do you agree with Jason or are you Team Bethenny on this one?

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