Jacqueline Laurita’s Home Is In Foreclosure…AGAIN

jacqueline-chris-lauritaKarma is certainly a bitch.  After years of bashing, crying and publicly confronting Teresa Giudice about her house and fraud case it looks like Jacqueline has found herself in a similar situation!

NJ.com is reporting that the Laurita’s family home in Franklin Lakes is up for foreclosure after Chris and Jacqueline failed to pay their $10,846 monthly mortgage payment since October.

Seemingly anticipating this, the home was put up for sale in January for $2.85 million and reducing it to $2.78 million a few months later.

The couple’s home faced foreclosure back in 2013 as well, but were able to work out a mortgage modification to save their home.

That’s not all the couple has to worry about, but another one of their homes is also facing foreclosure! A colonial home in Wayne, NJ purchased by the Laurita’s in 2007 has been in default since January 2012.

If you’re going to point your finger at others you should probably make sure your hands are clean….

One thought on “Jacqueline Laurita’s Home Is In Foreclosure…AGAIN”

  1. Wow! Does anyone in the Jersey cast have money? I also don’t understand how the Lauritas could have swindled all that money from Signature Apparel and not be able to pay off their mortgage. Jacqueline received all that money from Bravo too. Just pay for the house in cash, no mortgage

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