It’s Official! Tamra Judge WILL Return For RHOC Season 10!


There was a lot of back and forth for a while when it came to the fate of Tamra Judge on RHOC.  Rumors started swirling after season 9 ended that Tamra was fired from the show and would not be back for season 10!  Tamra has squashed those rumors once and for all and says not only is she coming back but she plans to be 100% herself.Speaking at the premiere for Bravo’s new show, The Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce, Tamra confirmed her return while also making excuses for her behavior last season.  Check it out:

The whole last season. Let’s make that clear right now, the last season should have never happened.  I was going through a lot personally with my ex.  I keep my children off the show for a reason and this was something that my ex felt the need to make very very public in a very negative way for me and the kids, so it was very difficult for me as a mother to film a show of this sort and to not worry about exploiting my children.  It was very unfortunate that none of my cast members took me aside, other than Heather, and said, ‘I know what you’re going through. I’m sorry.”  Heather‘s been my rock. She’s my girl. It was hard. I really truly found out who my friends were.

I just want to be me. I’m 100% honest and I’m loyal and I’m truthful in everything I say. If you ask me what do you think about so and so and I said I don’t think he’s a great guy you know what, if you don’t want to hear the truth, then maybe we shouldn’t be friends.

I do understand where she is coming from, if Vicki had something like that going on in her life and Tamra didn’t act like she was there for her Vicki would not be happy.  However I do think Tamra took her shit-stirring to a whole new level last season which she needs to take responsibility for.  What are your thoughts?  Are you excited to have Tamra back?

One thought on “It’s Official! Tamra Judge WILL Return For RHOC Season 10!”

  1. I am not excited sbout her coming back.I think her stotyline might be one of the most improbable. That she and eddie are madly in love and are going to start a famoly. Eddie has no interest in having a child with her because he says it aloud on camera. She is 45 and has a hysterectomy. Her role is to be the irritant to the cast. She gets a good salary, perks, funny lines in exchange. Last season we saw her burn bridges with every person on the cast but Heather who as a one percenter is the second most disliked. She is willing to do the unspeakable dirty work of the producers and she will go as low as she needs to go with no regard for anyones feelings. She is profane, loud, rude, and more hate filled each season. After breaking the fourth wall, calling the show fake and herself a fictional character she was done briefly. Her bravo accounts deleted, she started lashing out at viewers. I am shocked she can act like this and be rewarded with another year on the show.

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