Is Teresa Giudice Getting Her Own Cooking Show On Bravo?!


The short answer? No way!  Last week reports starting circling that the recently convicted Housewife could possibly be getting her own cooking show on Bravo after completing her 15 months in jail.Teresa’s rep was quick to diffuse the rumors in a statement to Radar saying it was “not true.”

However an insider told the site that while it isn’t true now that doesn’t mean Teresa isn’t trying!

Teresa hasn’t been offered any new projects with Bravo. In fact, there is a lot of bad feelings where Bravo and Teresa are concerned. The network feels used, and was stunned Teresa said in court documents that the show was a sham.

Bravo would never sign Teresa up for her own show after everything that has gone down!” the source continued. “It seems like someone that was once close to Teresa is now floating false stories about her, hoping to get back in good favor with her. It’s not going to work.

Do you think Teresa would put out fake stories to create a buzz?  If she did had a cooking show on Bravo would you watch?


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