Is Melissa Gorga Dissing Kathy Wakile And Jacqueline Laurita For Filming Scenes On Teresa’s Sentencing Day?


Melissa Gorga has hardly had even a storyline this season besides being present while others are having drama, but one dramatic episode she IS happy she didn’t film for was Teresa and Joe Giudice’s sentencing day.

Melissa took to her blog to explain why she feels it would have been inappropriate to do film such a sad day and comments that issues that serious should remain PRIVATE. Which is the opposite of what Kathy Wakile and Jacqueline Laurita did. Read below to see what else she had to say about this season

Hi My Bravo Family,‎

I say family because I really feel like we are and that all the viewers really do know us now. We’ve been through so much together throughout the years. It’s not always easy being on reality TV. I’m not complaining, because obviously I signed up for it, but there are times I wish I could turn it on and off. Unfortunately I don’t have that option, so here we are.

You see it all — the good, the bad, and whatever is in between. I’ve learned to embrace it and be happy that I get the opportunity to share my life with you. I’ve always said there are no other fans as passionate in the world as the RHONJ fans! We must be doing something right that you all have so much love for this show. Thank you!

This final episode was very emotional for me and hard to watch. On the bright side, I absolutely loved supporting Project Ladybug. Joe and I collected donated items and auctioned them off together that night to raise thousands of dollars! (You don’t get to see everything, but it was a lot of fun). I also LOVED watching Antonia and Milania on the runway. They are too adorable. AND I was very happy that Teresa and Terrressa were able to talk it out and move on. We got to hear both of their sides and they hugged it out. We were all standing around for support and hoping it would go that way.

There’s never a shortage of drama at the RHONJ finales, but it was so refreshing to see two grown woman talk it out. Kudos to Rino also for speaking to Amber so politely and explaining his position.

Even though there were many positive moments this episode, there was just such a sadness around it all. As you saw, I made the decision not to share our reaction to the outcome of the sentencing. It was an extremely hard day for this family, and I believe issues this serious are meant to be private. I know I’ve asked you before, but continue to pray for their family.

It’s been a season of highs and lows, but I think we all ended with a better understanding of each other and overall respect for everyone.

I can’t wait to see the reunion; I lived it, but those days are never ending and it all becomes a blur!

Lots of love,

I agree with Melissa. Kathy and Jacqueline should be ashamed of themselves. They are both so desperate for camera time and the only way they can get it is by mentioning Teresa. They haven’t even had contact with Teresa so why film such an emotional scene about someone you’re mad at? Had it been the other way around I believe both parties would have wasted no time in calling Teresa fake for filming on such a sad day. What do you guys think?

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