Is Kim Kardashian Filing For Divorce?!


InTouch Magazine certainly thinks so!  After only 188 days of marriage the magazine is reporting that Kim Kardashian has been  speaking to divorce lawyers and looking to end her marriage with Kanye West.But why?  According to the source Kim is unhappy with Kanye’s controlling ways, but snapped when he decided to spend Thanksgiving in France instead of with family.

Kim was furious he dumped her and North for the holiday and mortified that she had to show up at Khloe’s [house] alone, After just 188 days of marriage, Kim’s finally had enough of Kanye’s selfish ways. It was the last straw for her. She’s getting ready to file divorce papers.

Kim’s rep has continued to bash the rumors, calling them untrue and false.  However the source is persistent that it is true and Kim’s visit was VERY secretive.

They shut down an elevator for her to go up to the lawyer’s office.  Kim was very secretive about it.

And as for baby North?  Kim plans to fight tooth and nail to keep her daughter with her in the US.

He wants to take North to France, which is Kim’s worst nightmare.  She will fight him with everything she’s got.

This could get real messy real fast.  Do you believe it?

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