Is Dina Manzo Suing Jim Marchese?!


Namaste bitches? Not anymore! Someone has f***ed with Dina Manzo’s zen and instead of it being drama from one of her co-stars — it’s househusband Jim Marchese!

Yesterday, we reported Jim calling Dina out for not being so honest with her Project Ladybug Foundation earnings and where the money really goes — When a fan reached out to Dina on Twitter, she had the following to say along with a little hint of possibly suing Jim! Check it OUT!


I think it’s safe to say these two will never be friends. LOL Thoughts? Whose side are you on? Jim’s or Dina’s?

6 thoughts on “Is Dina Manzo Suing Jim Marchese?!”

  1. Jim Marchese was upset that he wasn’t allowed on the property where the Lady Bug Charity event took place in the RHONJ finale. The cast-crew didn’t insist on NOT filming with Jim and Amber THE owner of the venue didn’t want JIM on his private property which is his legal right to impose if Mr Marchese did come to venue it would be considered trespassing. Mr Marchese decided to go to twitter on Monday October 20, 2014 and torture me under the pretense that I was an imposter with a fake account and that I was really Dina Manzo. Be rated me Abbey the owner of the home supplied for charity event and more importantly accused Dina Manzo and her charity of fraud. He was relentless for 8 hours with harassing accusations and threats of exposure. The tweet you have published is Dina Manzo thanking me for putting up with the relentless harassment I tolerated all day. I do not know Dina Mano. I couldn’t believe this bombastic idiot Jim Marchese attacked me….an individual he THOUGHT was Dina Manzo…. It was uncalled for and not well researched. Mr Marchese wanted it to be known that he contributed $1200.00 to the charity he was upset that it was shown on TV accusing me of being in control of editing scenes out. IMAGINE my surprise I am JUST Jack I’m not Dina . He continued to post accusations with vulgarity that the charity was a scam misused funds etc. I thought this is horrible a thing for this man to do considering his wife Amber is a cancer survivor. I did some research after Marchese kept requesting charity documents from me and statements. THE charity is a legal 501C3 with impeccable records. Mr. Marchese might have thought I was Dina but I didn’t like the horrific things he was saying so I fought the fight for the charity. Marchese is a shady man with a questionable past and I was not going to be abused or allow the hard work of the charity be abused. Bully’s should know who they are picking on. This Mr Marchese has a self imposed Title of ATTORNEY I called the NJ Bar Association and he is not a licensed attorney hence why he is not a prosecutor for the DOJ nor does he prosecute mortgage fraud. He was threatening legal letters requesting financial documents from charity. I had enough THIS horrible person should be ashamed of himself to treat a charity in such a manner and he should be careful of who he accuses of being fake I am a real person who doesn’t like men bullying women around all day because he didn’t get his screen time

    1. Dina needs to get a grip before she ends up in the same cell with T. If there is nothing to Jims comments then just leave is alone. If there is some truth “if the shoe fits wear it”.

  2. I am disgusted at this “man’s” intolerable behaviour towards women. He continually bullies and threatens to sue his way around twitter and blocks anyone who dares to have factual comments to make which may not defend his actions.
    He often accuses people on twitter of being fake. He is a paranoid Napoleonic moron who stamps his feet when things don’t go his way. But let’s be honest, he does all these actions for a reason. He is hiding skeletons in his mini figure closet. HE and his wife often use fake twitter profiles. In fact, Amber admitted to Jackson Police that she set up a twitter profile and harassed Jims ex wife to the point of exhaustion. The ex wife filed a complaint because she received 20+ tweets, all nasty and abusive about her looks and skills as a mother. The account was traced back to Jims AOL email address. When the police contacted him he denied any knowledge, but some time later that day, he contacted the officer and admitted Amber was behind the abuse. A cynic would say Amber took the fall, considering it would have been a further Domestic Violence charge against Jim, as he already had a Final Restraining Order against him regarding his wife.
    He is also hiding the fact at one point he was NOT allowed any contact with his children. He arrived at their eldest sons school (his and his ex wife’s child) and insisted on taking the son home. He produced a court document, informing the police officer it was a court order stating he has custody. On closer inspection the officer observed Jim was trying to pass off a court application as a court order. When the ex wife arrived, she produced a real court document to prove only she had custody and she removed her son immediately.
    Jim is in debt, all of which is public information, both personally and in business.
    Maybe Jim should get his own glass house in order before calling others

    1. I only have one question, if his claims are true…why does he need to see the records? I thought he already knew. He just keeps proving what a douche is is.

  3. What I witnessed was a charity and several people being attacked, harassed, bullied and drug through his ugly mud. Why? Because someone was mean to his wife and him. This is his thinking and MO. If he doesn’t like the way you act, he comes at you guns blazing. He is Judge, jury and executioner all in one. And he’s not very good at it. Judgmental should be his middle name (thought only Jesus could judge. Didn’t know he was taking applications) The way he talks to women is deplorable. His excuse, “Well if you’re not going to act like a lady, I’m not going to treat you like one.” His idea of what a lady is and the rest of society is completely different. This is someone who teaches his children, “If someone is cruel, show them what cruel is.” Yes, that’s great parenting right there. They will learn cruelty from a master.
    After all his spewing vile accusations, he ended with “The charity is legit and no illegal wrongdoings.” Wonder if that’s what he will tell the judge?

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