Here’s What It Takes To Be NeNe Leakes’ “REAL FRIEND!”


NeNe Leakes love putting up subliminal quotes on her social media pages, but this one has us thinking she’s talking about Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star, Porsha Williams. If you remember, NeNe tried giving Porsha advice about fighting, and Porsha really wasn’t trying to hear NeNe.

Check out the Instagram post Ms. Leakes posted below

I liked Porsha and NeNe’s friendship so I hope everything works out between them.

What do you think? Do you think NeNe is talking about Porsha?

One thought on “Here’s What It Takes To Be NeNe Leakes’ “REAL FRIEND!””

  1. First of “people” especially children, As it’s the general consensus that Porsha has an emotional lag in growth & development, love a good example, problem is they don’t always knw a good one from a bad one. In this case, porsha definitely knows the difference as she doesn’t think nene is a good example due to her hx with KZ “choking” incident!

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