Heather Dubrow Doesn’t Miss Gretchen Rossi Or Alexis Bellino Being On RHOC!


Now isn’t this interesting!

Last night while appearing on Watch What Happens Live Heather Dubrow was asked if she missed ex RHOC co-stars Alexis Bellino and Gretchen Rossi being on the show and her answer was surprising, yet honest!

Heather didn’t pick a housewife she missed, but she did keep it real on the fact that the ladies have ran their course on the show and pointed out that eventually she will too!

Read below to see all what Heather had to say

Heather says,

“You know what, I think they’re both great girls and I’m not saying this just to be politically correct. I really don’t miss anyone because I feel like everyone has a life on this show. I will have a life. I will have an end to the show. And you know when your storyline’s over, it’s time to move on and the show evolves.”

I totally agree with Heather. I feel like some of these ladies get so dependent on the show financially that they become desperate to stay on and keep the paycheck and of course fame.

One thought on “Heather Dubrow Doesn’t Miss Gretchen Rossi Or Alexis Bellino Being On RHOC!”

  1. This is such a BS answer from Heather. If Gretchen’s story was over as Heather claims then why was it so publicly discussed how Gretchen was asked back and declined? She had an engagement, that’s a beginning not an end. They follow everyone else getting married.

    Whats Hearhers story? Or fake ass Tamras?, they don’t have stories, they are just willing to look like idiots on TV so they get paid and have fame.

    In my opinion the people that leave are the ones who have real stories to tell, not the bafoons that stay and act stupid and fight like children on TV

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