Heather Dubrow Clears Up Her Frida Kahlo Tweet!


Ahhh…social media.

AKA the place where everyone is perfect and mean tweets you for joking.

Real Housewives of Orange County star Heather Dubrow learned that the hard way when she replied to a fan who suggested she get Frida Kahlo brows.

Heather responded by saying it was “not cute” and that’s when tweeters starting going in on her!

Heather who has no problem apologizing had the following to say

“@HeatherDubrow: Agree. Very dumb thing I said. I feel terrible, not funny.”

“@HeatherDubrown: I meant that IM not cute with the Frida eyebrows. SHE was stunning.”

I admire Heather for apologizing even though I feel she had nothing to apologize for. When’s the last time you seen someone rock the Frida brows and it looked good? People are so desperate to be fake offended on social media.

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