Have The Dubrows And The Beadors Called A Truce?!


It looks like it!  We still have a little over a month until season 10 of RHOC airs, but it looks like some of last season’s drama will get resolved!At the reunion (and all season), Heather Dubrow and Shannon Beador just didn’t get along, but now it looks like the two have made amends!

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Could mutual friend Tamra have helped the ladies reconcile?  Guess we will have to wait until June 1st to find out!


One thought on “Have The Dubrows And The Beadors Called A Truce?!”

  1. i feel your pain Shannon!
    Your complainer hubby wouldn’t have had a love affair if he didn’t emotionally check out of the marriage!!!! Tell him, “Good job, idiot, on spoiling our daughters’ dreams of growing up and having a happily
    Ever after marriage!!!!! Bet this affair was a LONG ONE, as he said You needed to get a boob job- trying to turn you into his mistress-the
    “Bimbo on the side”. He is an immature, spoiled, jerk, who trashed
    And threw away his whole family in one fell swoop! What did he think would happen when he got
    Caught??? He didn’t have to worry about ANYONE HUMILIATING HIM!!!
    Such garbage- him playing the victim!!! HE HUMILIATED HIMSELF, threw away any dignity and self respect he might have had, and he genuinely weakened the family trust! Through his lack of self control, he
    Broke the spirit and souls of 3 innocent people-THEY ARE THE VICTIMS!!!! Man up, Dave, you are disgusting! You are damn lucky anyone still wants you. You are last years garbage and not so desirable now!!! Who wants a cheater???
    Shannon, keep an eye on the
    BIMBO!!!! Your husband doesn’t deserve you or your daughters!!!!!!!
    He should be kicked to the curb!!!! I WOULD HAVE HIM TAILED UNTIL HELL FROZE OVER! How do you know he isn’t still stuck on her???
    HISTORY REPEATS!!!! He would need to change his whole way of living in order to stay faithful. Be careful of him! You can sure do better! You should get the BIMBO’s side of this story on national TV. That would sour her taste for him wouldn’t it???

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