Has Kylie Jenner Gotten MORE Plastic Surgery?!


Well it looks like Kylie Jenner really is a Kardashian! The 17 year old has already pissed people off by her enhanced lips and older rapper boyfriend Tyga —

But is Kylie starting the process to getting a bootylicious body like her sisters Kim and Khloe?

Kylie definitely has people talking after she posted a bikini photo of herself and it appears she has some extra “meat” in all the right places!


Kylie even posted a photo where you can see her new shape in the reflection of the glass


Here is Kylie in a similar bikini and you’ll notice her body isn’t as curvy



Now I understand that she’s young so her body is still changing and she’s still going up and down in weight, but we all know those Kardashians have a tendency to only gain weight on their ass! LOL So the question is, do you think Kylie will have a fake butt soon like her sisters?!

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