Guilt Is Eating Away At Joe Giudice Over Wife Teresa’s Prison Sentence!


Teresa Giudice has officially begun her 15 month prison sentence leaving her husband Joe Giudice in charge at home.In addition to running the household and taking care of their four children, sources tell that Joe is overcome with guilt.

Joe Giudice is doing what he has to do and taking care of his kids. It all hit him like a ton of bricks last night. He is filled with guilt and very sad. He loves Teresa and wished he could have served her sentence and his. He knows she lives for the girls and they will miss her tremendously.  It is no surprise that her lawyer makes statements that she is “good” she knows Gia is on social media and of age to read the Internet. It’s her way to not have any negative stories so her kids don’t worry.

Thankfully Joe won’t have to go through this alone.  Between his family and Teresa’s parents they have a strong support system.

Teresa’s parents will be with the kids a lot and helping Joe. Teresa’s kids are extremely close with her parents.  Along with Joe’s sister Sheila, too.

With the support from her parents and the Giudice side, the source stands firm that the relationship between Joe Gorga and his sister was not in a good place when she left stating,

Teresa had a small birthday party for Gia Sunday. Family and close friends were there. Her brother and his family did not attend. Joey didn’t reach out to her at all except by phone. Even the months leading up to now he hasn’t been there for her. It’s sad considering they had the closest sibling relationship I have even seen.

Are you surprised that Joe (Gorga) and Teresa weren’t on good terms?  Do you think Joe (Giudice) should feel guilty?

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