Gia Giudice Says First Visit With Teresa Giudice Was “Amazing!”

teresa giudice and gia

Gia Giudice is one strong young lady! Not only is she going through the hardest time of her life right now having her mother, Teresa Giudice in prison, but Gia was even able to talk about her first visit with her home in an exclusive interview with E!.

Gia revealed that her first visit of her mother was “amazing” and she even revealed that Teresa looked “so good!” Check it OUT!

“Honestly it was amazing. She looked so good. It’s nothing like anyone would expect. She just looks so amazing. It was so good seeing her…They just had her makeup done. It was fun.”

I’m happy Gia was able to spend some time with Teresa and that it was a positive visit. Thoughts?

One thought on “Gia Giudice Says First Visit With Teresa Giudice Was “Amazing!””

  1. First, I want to share my experience about my 16 y.o. cousin who went to visit her father, my Uncle, in a medium security federal prison. My Uncle was in a prison about 2000 miles away. My dad took my cousin and I with him to visit his brother on two separate days. After the visit my cousin told her mom (who was in the process of divorcing her dad) and younger siblings that their dad was doing good. He lost weight and even made friends with the other inmates. According to my dad, his brother was miserable , depressed and stressed out which caused him to lose weight. The other inmates kept ogling my cousin and I so my Uncle was nodding at them as a way to let them know to knock off their stares! When my cousin asked my Uncle why he was nodding at some of the other guys my Uncle said they were just his friends. My point is that Gia probably thinks her mom is doing amazing. She probably views things the way she does as a way to ease her worries for her mom.

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