Find Out The TRUTH About Phaedra’s Secret Relationship With Mr. Chocolate!


Leading up to the premiere of this season’s Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya has been persistent over the fact that Phaedra was unfaithful in her marriage to Apollo and carried on a relationship with a man labeled Mr. Chocolate.Since the rumors first surfaced, Phaedra has called BS on the rumors saying there is no other guy and she has always been faithful.  RumorFix is reporting that is in fact TRUE and Kenya doesn’t know what she is talking about.

Kenya recently spoke to Hollywood Life saying,

I can tell you this Mr. Chocolate does exist! And I think that is definitely one of the best kept secrets of this season.  From all indications of what we’ve seen, he definitely exists and he’s definitely involved with Phaedra. Or was at the time.

But a source tells Rumorfix that Phaedra has ALWAYS been faithful.

Phaedra has been a completely faithful wife and any allegations to the contrary are outright lies. This whole ‘Mr. Chocolate’ story is false. If you look at Phaedra’s Instagram, you will see she has a close female friend of 20 years whose nickname is ‘Chocolate.

So who do you believe?


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