Find Out How Much Bravo May Have Paid Teresa And Joe Giudice For Andy Cohen’s One-On-One Interview!


Andy Cohen scored (or forced, depending on which way you look at it) the exclusive first face-to-face interview with Teresa and Joe Giudice following their sentencing last Thursday.

The day after the couple received their sentencing they headed over to Andy’s clubhouse to discuss all about court, the charges, and what comes next on his show Watch What Happens Live!

According to TMZ the sit down didn’t come cheap either, with Bravo paying the couple $325,000.00 for the interview.  According to their source the network offered Teresa $275,000.00 for the interview and threw in the extra $50,000.00 if Joe joined her.  With a restitution tagged at over $400,000.00, you can’t blame the couple for jumping at the offer.

If there even was an offer – Andy spoke out soon after the story hit stating that the story was untrue:



Teresa and Joe looked SO uncomfortable and did not want to be there at all so I find it hard to believe they weren’t paid.  Maybe not as much? Do you think Bravo paid them for the interview?

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