EXCLUSIVE: Natalie Guercio Confirms She’s RETURNING To Mob Wives; Plus MORE!


Now we can FINALLY talk about something we’ve known about for awhile now.

If you recall, we first did a Mob Wives exclusive about how we were unsure about Natalie Guercio’s fate on the show, we found out a few weeks later that she was coming back for another season and we were so EXCITED!

The cast tried hard to get Natalie off the show because they are intimidated by her, and plus they wanted to get Drita Davanzo alone on the show with no friends so it would be easier to gang up on her (which is going to be the storyline for next season and we’ll share more later.)

Natalie posted the following tweet about her return below

“I wonder how the girls are reacting after hearing that the show asked me to come back for season 6.”

The girls really thought they were going to get Natalie fired for being a “racist.” LOL Wonder what they’ll come up with this season

Are you excited for a new season of Mob Wives?

One thought on “EXCLUSIVE: Natalie Guercio Confirms She’s RETURNING To Mob Wives; Plus MORE!”

  1. Yes I am. I just hope they all don’t go ganging up on her. I’m sorry but last season Drita was not her friend. She just FLIPPED FLOPPED ALL OVER THE PLACE!

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