EXCLUSIVE: Mob Wives Isn’t Getting Canceled!


Well..not just yet! Yesterday fans were distraught when VH1 announced that they will no longer be featuring Mob Wives on their network, but we just learned this morning that there is still hope for the show!

A source close to production EXCLUSIVELY tells RA,

“VH1 decided not to keep Mob Wives because it was too expensive. You have people working on shows like Love and Hip Hop for pennies, and they aren’t going to shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars for each girl cause it’s not worth it for them.”

Our source continues,

“Mob Wives might not be what VH1 wants, but A LOT of other networks are very interested in it and the show will most likely continue on one of those other networks. Nothing is set in stone yet.”

So basically this may be the last season of Mob Wives for VH1, but the show will probably continue on another network.

Well there you have it. Now dry up your tears and tweet heavily during season 7 so these networks can see the fans still want this show on air!

One thought on “EXCLUSIVE: Mob Wives Isn’t Getting Canceled!”

  1. I think it would better if its shut down I have watched the show since started Big Aug was awesome and free
    sprit and Drita i was their biggest fans It is not ganger
    with all the others formd speaking if fuck,mother fucker
    and all the other words soeome should send them to an
    english class drita stay strong and no fighting you have
    my phone # and call and say whatever t the answer
    machine you are high class thanks for everything remember Marines always faith few no fights alone

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